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It’s Totally Fine to Eat a Whole Pizza By Yourself

the rascal house food pyramid

Here at Rascal House, we get it, and we wanted to let you know it’s okay to eat a whole pizza by yourself.

Here’s why:

  1. Just pizza sauce alone is packed with cancer fighting antioxidants from the tomatoes. Not to mention the toppings. When you chose things like red peppers, olives or onions, you’re adding great sources of vitamins your body needs.
  2.  if you play your pizza ordering cards right, you can also cross off most of your major food groups with just one pizza:
  • The cheese will give you your Recommended Daily Allowance of both Dairy (and Calcium) and Grains.
  • While the tomatoes in the sauce are technically a fruit already, you can add on pineapple for some extra vitamins.
  • Next, add on a few veggies like green peppers, spinach or artichokes.
  • Lastly, get your protein on your pizza! If you’re vegetarian, the cheese provides you with a lot of Protein in addition to Dairy and Calcium. If you’re not a vegetarian, add some chicken, pepperoni or sausage to get some extra protein in your diet.

And there you have it: a wholesome meal and a scientific explanation on why it’s perfectly okay to eat an entire pizza by yourself, provided by Rascal House.

the rascal house food pyramid

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