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Here’s Why You Should Order Rascal House This Super Bowl Sunday

This Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday, which means if you haven’t already started planning your party, now is the time!


But wait, not so fast! In case you missed this article from GQ, you should be careful who you trust to create your precious Super Bowl spread! 

Your best bet? You focus on the football, and Rascal House will focus on the food! We’ve been doing this for nearly 37 years, which means we will make your Super Bowl 2017 a breeze— choose your football favorites from our vast menu. We’re talking HUGE Buffalo Wings, HANDMADE Pizzas, CRISPY Chicken Tenders, and even ZESTY Marinara Pasta Bowls! There’s something for every football fanatic, and no matter what you chose from the Rascal House menu, we can assure you it won’t look like the food from the GQ article!

You can find the phone number to your favorite Rascal House location here or Order Online here!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

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