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Having Trouble Figuring Out What To Order Today?


Here at Rascal House, we know that what makes us A Different Kind Of Pizza Place is our HUGE variety of different foods, ranging from top of the line pizza (of course!) and mouth watering wings, to zesty marinara pastas and fresh tossed salads. We even bake fresh cookies every morning and offer out-of-this-world cheesecakes and brownies, so we can understand how figuring out what to order can get a little tricky some days.

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Today, if you find yourself torn between one of our monster-sized burgers or an order of premium white meat chicken tenders, we’re here to tell you that July 26th is national “All Or Nothing Day”, so go all in and treat yourself to both! And why not add in one of those delicious New York cheesecakes while you’re at it?

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