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Cleveland Pizza Delivery Calls in for Backup This Season…

If you’ve been around in the Cleveland Pizza scene for a while, you know that Rascal House delivers fast. But once the December rolls around things can get a little hectic with our pizza delivery service… But fear not Pizza Fanatics! Us Rascals have got some pretty good connections and we put in a call to the best guy for the job. Santa! If you order from our Downtown flagship location this December, there’s a chance that Old Saint Nick will delivery your pizza! Ho ho holy pepperoni! Check out these jolly snapshots from the past couple years we had Santa on the job…

rascal house santa

santa 2k13

santa 2k13 2

He’s got all the qualifications, and he’s been doing this for literally AGES! He might even pose for a few pictures if you’ve been nice this year… Oh Santa, you Rascal!

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