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Celebrate The End Of Summer With This Cleveland Pizza Company’s Menu Picks!


The end of summer season is always a sad time. No more are the long, care-free nights filled with laughter and barbecues. While technically summer isn’t over until the end of September, the feeling of summer tends to fade away as August wraps up, kids start to go back to school and everyone seems to get busy again. So as our ode to the feeling of summer 2016, here are our menu picks for your final summer bash! This menu will have you feeling relaxed all the way through to the actual end of summer.

Appetizer: Chips and Salsa Platter

end of summer

Chips and Salsa make for the perfect end of summer app: Light and crisp, your guests will enjoy this snack but will be able to save room for the rest of the meal.

Main Dish: Hawaiian Luau Pizza and Sweet Chili Wings

chicken-bacon-ranchchicken boneless wings

This main menu pairing provides the perfect summer flavors, mixing up sweet and savory for the ultimate meal! Can’t decide between buffalo wings or crispy boneless wings? Get both, you won’t regret it and your guests will be glad you did! 

Dessert: Freshly Baked Cookies


Go with a favorite and a classic: freshly baked Rascal cookies! These delicious treats are the perfect end to the perfect meal. Sweet and simple, just like summer.

Looks like saying goodbye to summer won’t be that bad after all… And if you’re not sure how much to order, you can always ask one of our Rascal experts. We are always happy to help!

Happy (almost) End of Summer!

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