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Celebrate National Doughnut Day Locally With This Cleveland Pizza Company Tomorrow!!

The first Friday of June is a magical day, to say the least. It is a day where people of all ages come together to celebrate love and happiness… That’s right, tomorrow is National Doughnut Day!!!


Ever wonder where the hole in the middle of the doughnut came from? It is believed that a man named Hanson Gregory was the first to create the iconic doughnut shape in 1847 because he was dissatisfied with the uncooked centers of hole-less doughnuts. Although modern doughnut pros have found ways around an uncooked doughnut, there will always be a place for ANY doughnut in our hearts!!

This Friday, celebrate National Doughnut Day at Downtown Rascal House with some fresh, local Cleveland doughnuts. Don’t forget to grab a cup of coffee to go with your pastry, because nothing goes better with a doughnut than a fresh brewed cuppa joe!

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