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A peek inside the new Rascal House

Are you planning on ordering some Rascal House today?

Nowadays, ordering your favorite Rascal House food is easier than it’s ever been. One quick trip to RascalHouse.com and your food is on its way to your front door in no time.

But what came before online ordering? Phone ordering!

A peek inside the new Rascal House
A peek inside the new Rascal House

Even to this day, phone ordering is still the most popular route for our happy Rascal Fans, and we owe it all to Alexander Graham Bell. Do you remember learning about him in history class? He’s the guy who invented our beloved telephone, and he patented it exactly 141 years ago TODAY.

So if you chose to order your favorite Rascal House fix by phone today, make sure you mentally thank Alexander Graham Bell for making it all possible.

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