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4 Tips For a Lasting Relationship, As Told By Rascal House


With Valentine’s Day right around the corner (this is your cue to run out and get something for Sunday if you haven’t already) us folks at Rascal House have our own top secret tips for a happy and lasting relationship, and as a pizza place that has had an over 35 year long relationship with Cleveland, we thought it would be appropriate for us to share them today.

Here are 4 Tips For a Lasting Relationship, as told by Rascal House

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1. Find out what you really want in your relationship

Do you want a Pepperoni Extreme? A Pizza Milano? Do you want a Medium or a large?

These are the questions you and your partner should be asking each other. The LAST thing you want is to order a medium when your partner is extra hungry and have to fight over the last slice.

2. Learn about your partner

What is their favorite topping? What is their LEAST favorite topping?

You need to know these answers! They may seem trivial at first, but once you know the toppings in their heart, you’ll find your own place there too.

3. Timing is everything

Have you every left work so hungry and wished you would just magically have food ready and waiting for you when you walk through the door? I bet your partner has too.

Make a romantic gesture and order a pizza that will arrive just before they do. When they walk through the door say, “You’re the most important pizza my heart!” And lead them to the pizza.*

*Pro tip: If you want this one to work, DO NOT eat the pizza before they arrive. Rascal House pizza tastes amazing, but the boxes (what your loved one will have to eat if you eat all the pizza before them) do not compare.

4. Stray from the ordinary

A fun way to bond in your relationship is to try out new things and go on new adventures. Our suggestion, try a new item overtime you order from Rascal House. If you’re ordering a pizza, try some new topping combinations to make it your own, and if you always get chicken wings, try our Crispy Boneless instead! You never know what you and your partner will discover when you try something new.

If you follow these simple relationship tips, you and your loved one can last forever… Our relationship with the #CLE is proof! So make sure you’re doing your relationship right, and remember, couples who order Rascal House pizza together stay together.

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