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Win Big When You Eat at This Cleveland Pizza Company


We’re sure you already knew that when you choose to eat at Rascal House, you’re already winning at life, but did you know you could win BIGGER at life??

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Seriously, if you’re not already signed up for our rewards program, you need to ASAP. Go to the RascalHouse.com homepage and click on “Rewards” at the top. Or click HERE. Every time you order with your Rascal Rewards ID (give the number you signed up with when you order) you will earn points with every purchase.

Use the points to get FREE food, Gift Cards or even an iPad or Flat Screen TV!! You’ll also get exclusive deals and coupon codes in your inbox when you provide an email at sign up! Awesome huh? Check out Lisa with her new 40″ Flat Screen!

rascal rewards winner

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