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The Clevelander’s Guide to Running Like a Pro on St. Patrick’s Day


It’s that time of year again… While things are not quite green where they should be (what does the grass look like again?), Cleveland makes up for it with their preparation for St. Patricks Day. And with Cleveland’s 36th Annual St. Malachi Run right around the corner on March 16th, we thought it’d be appropriate to put our tips and tricks for running the perfect mile… or five. Presenting:


1. Train for the Race! In order to finish the race in record time, you should be training your body well in advance, but if you just decided to join the race today and you need to be able to run 5 miles by Wednesday, we have a pro tip to jump start your six day training program. Start at your house, and start running to your nearest Rascal House. The thought of pizza tempting you will be great motivation and might even make you run faster! Once you arrive at your destination, you can order your favorite Rascal House pizza (if you didn’t already order online) and use it as nourishment for all of your hard work. The pizza will also give you a boost of energy for your run back home. Over the next five days leading up to the race, continue this regimen. If you’re feeling ambitious, switch it up by running to a Rascal House that is further away from your home.

2. While physically preparing yourself for the race is important, it is just as important to mentally prepare and motivate yourself. If you need an extra push to complete the race, imagine some Rascal House BBQ Chicken Wings waiting for you at the finish line. Talk about a record mile…

3. It’s the big day! The race is finally here and it’s time to fuel up. As you’ve probably realized over your 6 day training program, Rascal House pizza makes the perfect pre-run meal with plenty of nutrients to keep you strong throughout the race. Make sure you stay hydrated as well. Drink plenty of water before and during the race.

To all of those participating in the St. Malachi Run on Wednesday, be safe and good luck from your pals here at the Rascal House HQ.

P.S. While we do believe our pizza is great motivation, be sure to follow proper training routines from a certified trainer or doctor.

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