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How to Celebrate National Puppy Day with your Puppy


Prepare yourself for cuteness overload!!


Every year, we celebrate our four-legged friends who love Rascal House pizza by creating the ultimate pizza for National Puppy day! It’s called the ✨Pupperoni Pizza✨


What is a Pepperoni Pizza?

A Pupperoni Pizza is a very special pizza we create just for our furry friends on their special day. It’s our fresh, homemade dough shaped into a dog bone and topped with cheese and pepperoni on top!


How we create the Pupperoni Pizza

Step 1: We start off by taking BellyBuster pizza dough and cut it into the shape of a dog bone. 

Step 2: CRIMP – this step creates the signature crust we’re known for!

Step 3: Add pure provolone cheese and pepperoni on top. 

DO NOT ADD SAUCE!! Some ingredients like onions and garlic can be harmful to dogs.

Step 4: stick it in the oven.

Step 5: give to pup!


And there you have it! A Pupperoni Pizza.


Optional (but highly recommended) Step 6: grab phone and take pictures as your pup chows down!


Puppies with their pizzas

DM us a picture of your dog on Instagram @rascalhouse for your dog’s chance to win their very own Pupperoni Pizza! (pictures and pets will be needed!)

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