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The #1 Best Place to Eat in Cleveland During the NFL Draft


Staying in Cleveland for the NFL Draft and looking for “food delivery near me?” or the best place to eat in Cleveland? We gotcha covered with the best pizza in Cleveland, burgers, wings, pasta, salads and more.

It rarely happens in professional football: NFL Draft host city meets NFL Draft visitors and they live happily ever after.  Unless, of course, you’re in Cleveland for the 86thNFL Draft April 29ththrough May 1st, 2021.  Cleveland, the land of football, rock and roll, and late-night food delivery that tackles midnight munchies.  Cleveland, the home of Rascal House — a different kind of pizza place that’s generated high fives and fist bumps for 40 years.  

best place to eat in cleveland
Cleveland Pizza, Burgers, Wings, Salads, Pretzels, Pastas & more.

The best place to eat in Cleveland

Often referred to as the best pizza in Cleveland, our piping hot pizza, with double-proofed dough, signature sauce, cheese that stretches from endzone to endzone and touchdown-worthy toppings, could very well be the #1 pick you came to town for. Or is it thoughts of world-class burgers and buffalo wings that give you All-Pro grumblies when your head hits your pillow at night?

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We deliver food right to your hotel room.  Because we think no one should take part in a National Football League Draft on an empty stomach.  We open early and stay up late. All so when it’s 1 in the morning and you type into your phone “food delivery near me” we will always be available to answer your call (or click!) Make Rascal House your go-to place for dine in, carry out or delivery when you’re in Cleveland for the NFL Draft.  

Order food delivery from the best place to eat in Cleveland, no matter where you are:

Downtown Cleveland | Euclid, OH | Maple Heights | University Circle | University Heights

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