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Annual book scholarship Sign-up

Get a FREE Semester’s worth of books paid for by Rascal House!
To finalize your entry, submit the following form to complete your entry into the free Rascal House Annual Book Scholarship.
Scholarship Giveaway Details and Rules:
The free Rascal House Annual Book Scholarship giveaway is a decades-old tradition fueled by the Rascal House belief of giving back to the communities we serve and lifting up the people around us. There will be one scholarship winner whom will be contacted via email and text message. Scholarship entry will be closed September 23, 2022 and the winner will be chosen at random. The Scholarship entitles the winner to be awarded one free semester of books for their Fall 2022 semester. Valid for fall 2022 semester only and can not be saved or carried over to another semester. If the winner has already purchased their class books, they are required to provide the receipts from their purchase to Rascal House in order to be reimbursed.
Rascal House requires the following items to be provided by the winner in order to be awarded the scholarship: CSU Student ID, copy of class schedule, required book list for classes on Fall schedule and any receipts if the books have already been purchased by the scholarship winner. All of these items are required to be provided by the winner, no exceptions.
1. Must be a current registered student at Cleveland State University (proof will be required of winner)
2. Must text “FBS21” to 55678 and complete scholarship registration via form above by September 23, 2022 in order to be eligible for scholarship. We will contact the winner via text and email, so you must remain subscribed to text list and email in order to be eligible to win. If we do not receive a timely response we will chose another winner.
3. By entering into the scholarship giveaway, you are opting in to receive occasional text messages (4-8/ month) and emails from us from time to time, which may include information about the scholarship and/or special offers from Rascal House. You will not be spammed with marketing from us, don’t worry!
4. Scholarship entry closes September 23, 2022 and the scholarship winner will be chosen at random. No purchase is necessary to win.