Show Your Cleveland State Homecoming Spirit at Rascal House!

September 29th, 2016 by Rascal House

Rascal House + CSU = BFFs

cleveland state homecoming

You can’t show school spirit on and empty stomach! Be sure to stop in Rascal House before the Cleveland State Homecoming Parade at 6!

Come in with your friends and grab a slice (or two!) of delicious pepperoni pizza. On your way out, don’t forget to snap a pic in front of Rascal House where we’ve decorated the store front for Cleveland State’s Homecoming!


It’s the perfect photo backdrop for all Vikings! Your friends who didn’t get to pose in front of the window art will wish they did after they see you post your pics all over Twitter and Instagram!

Can you say school spirit?

Remember to share your pics with the hashtag #RascalHouse on Twitter and Instagram, or post on our Facebook page!

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